Educational Outreach

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Symphony Storytime

Symphony Storytime introduces students to some of the most recognizable classical music through the reading of stories from The Story Orchestra book series. Classical music is brought to life for children through gorgeously illustrated retellings of classical ballet, opera, and program music stories paired with sound clips of orchestras playing from their musical scores. Each Symphony Storytime includes the reading of a storybook with musical interludes from famous orchestral works and a music education component where students will learn about the composer and the music heard and can ask questions and interact with the Owensboro Symphony’s education team. This engaging program will be fun, imaginative, and educational for all who listen.  

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Symphony Storytime events!

Tuesday, June 25 – 10:00am – McLean County Public Library

Friday, July 19 – 10:00am – Hancock County Public Library

Monday, July 22 – 5:30pm – This program through Ohio County Public Library will take place at Ohio County Community Center ,130 Washington St # 215, Hartford, KY 42347

The story for the summer will be Four Seasons in One Day.

Viva Violins!

Viva Violins! enhances music education for 4th and 5th grade students with a hands-on introduction to the violin. During this introductory violin program, students will begin learning how to play the violin in different techniques specific to string instruments with fun violin pieces set to musical accompaniments. Along with playing the violin, students will learn about taking care of an instrument, the parts of the violin and how it makes sound, and the string family of the orchestra. This music education program is available to be scheduled as a single- or multi-day program. The recommended length of program is one hour per class. Violins are provided and students will receive fun activity packets for continued learning after our time together. This is a great program to encourage students to begin thinking about an instrument they may like to play in middle school, either in band or orchestra.

Viva is a word used to cheer in Italian; the perfect word to describe our appreciation of the violin and the uplifting learning environment of Viva Violins!

Strings Attached

Strings Attached is a four-week program for students to learn the basics of playing the violin, the hard work and dedication required to play an instrument, to play as a group, to listen to music and the impact it has in the learning process, practice skills, and how to perform for an audience. At the first class, a violin is provided to each student for use during classes and individual/group practice time. This eight-class program teaches students how to play the violin in different techniques specific to string instruments through pieces set to musical accompaniments. As this program builds through the years in your school or group, ensemble parts can be introduced to allow returning Strings Attached students an opportunity to continue building on the skills learned in previous years. In addition, students will learn about taking care of the instrument, the parts of a violin and how it makes sound, and the string family of the orchestra. Strings Attached is recommended for students ranging from 3rd to 5th grade. This program is led by the Owensboro Symphony’s Education Coordinator and Violin Instructor, Adrienne Vallandingham, and Cello Instructor, Carrie Olsen.

Musicians on the Move

Musicians on the Move brings the musicians of the Owensboro Symphony to the schools! Musicians may visit schools on select dates to perform for or work with groups of students in middle or high school music programs. 

Guest on the Go

Guest on the Go brings the phenomenal guest artists of the Owensboro Symphony to groups of students throughout the community. Each guest artist visits with a specific group of students from local schools and organizations to inspire them in their talent and ability. 

Symphony Safari

In collaboration with Guest on the Go, Symphony Safari provides free tickets to students. After hearing from the guest artist about the concert, each student and their family will be invited to come to the concert. Symphony Safari is made possible through the generous giving of the Yeager Charitable Trust.

Lobby Concerts

Lobby Concerts feature groups of students from musical areas of the community as they perform in the RiverPark Center lobby prior to the Owensboro Symphony concerts. This opportunity offers students invaluable experience performing in front of an appreciative audience in a professional setting as well as the chance to hear the Owensboro Symphony in Cannon Hall at a reduced rate for the entire family. 

The Owensboro Symphony
Youth Apprenticeship Program

The Owensboro Symphony Youth Apprenticeship Program (OSYAP) provides high school students interested in a career in music the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of what makes a concert happen through direct connection with the Owensboro Symphony staff. OSYAP participants will gain firsthand experience and knowledge through observing and assisting with rehearsals and performances. Students will receive community service credit for volunteer hours. Exceptional students in the program may also receive letters of recommendation for college applications and consideration for paid services in special concert settings.