Outreach to Schools

Symphony Story Time – schedule a half hour in your preschool to have one of our Owensboro Symphony musicians come and play an instrument and talk about music. We couple this with a reader (someone from your school, or we can provide one) to present a children’s book. A delightful way to introduce young children to wonderful music!

Symphony Live! This program is age-appropriate for primary grades. This has the “instrument zoo” component that comes to your school! We not only cover the basics—families of the orchestra, how the instruments make their sounds, but also the role of the conductor and much more! Children actively participate throughout the show, actually handling and/or playing orchestral instruments. This program is particularly useful for 4th and 5th graders as they anticipate joining band or orchestra—but also works well with primary grades.

Strings Attached—The Strings Attached program provides exposure to string instrument instruction for 4th and 5th graders. Each student has access to their own instrument to play during the two day school visit.

Research clearly shows programs like the Owensboro Symphony’s Strings Attached program prepare students to learn, facilitate student achievement, and develop the creative capacities for lifelong success.

Symphony Safari—“The Symphony Safari tickets give an opportunity to families who otherwise would not be able to attend the symphony.” Students, their families, and your teaching staff get to attend a Saturday night Subscription Series concert at no charge. We can adjust to your particular educational needs – with a visit to the school ahead of time to prepare the children (materials provided to teachers for preparation and follow-up). We can also accommodate buses, should you desire.

Lobby Concerts – These concerts feature student groups (instrumental or choral) performing in the lobby of the RiverPark Center prior to the Owensboro Symphony concerts. This experience offers students invaluable experience in front of an appreciative audience in a professional setting. Inquire if interested.